Thursday's WOD

GPP (10:00 cap)

Tire flip Relay in teams of 3 ppl
100 meters, 1 athlete flips tire the runs to the 100m and back to tire continue pattern until the tire moves to the 50m mark and back

Conditioning (25:00)

5 Rounds of:
200 meter sprint
15 Power Snatch (75, 55)
12 T2B
Rest 2:00

Extra Credit

DB External Rotation: 2 x 15 ea.

Training Intent

– GPP: Stands for general physical preparedness, Team up and have some fun with tire flips outside today. This doesn't need to be a race.
– Metcon: Snatches are intended to be light and should be done UB and muscle-snatch style. 200 meter should not be and all out effort. This piece should be a sprint each set, but not an all out effort.