Friday's WOD "Down Range"

Strength 10 min EMOM

Odd min = 5 Sumo deadlifts for speed at 60%

Even min = 3 High box jumps

Metcon "Down Range

2 Rounds for time

15 Power cleans 155/105

20 Front squats 155/105

25 Burpees over bar

Rest 5 min


L3 - 135/95

L2 - 115/75

L1 - 95/65 / Burpees

Training Intent

– Strength: All speed work should be efficient/smooth. Adjust loading if needed, but remember intent is to develop force. You are always better served to use lighter loads and move faster/more efficiently with Dynamic Effort Work. Also, these are not done “touch and go” so make sure you reset on each set.
– Metcon: Challenge yourselves today with loading. Cleans should be singles and Front Squats should be capable of being done in 2 sets or less. Split 2 should be the same as 1. 100% effort on both sets. The 5:00 rest between rounds will ensure you can really push pace on both sets.