Wednesday's WOD


  1. Shoulder press 1 rm (Beginners do 5 x 5)
  2. 1-Arm Kb row 3 x 15 each arm. Rest 60sec


Amrap 12

10 Kb swings 24/16(L3=20/12)

10 Wallballs 20/14 (L3=20/10 to 9 feet)

Extra Credit

- 100 Banded Push-downs with heavy band

- Lax ball in pec 60 sec each side

Training Intent

– Strength: Progressively build to a 1RM shoulder press. Make sure you have plan before starting so you do not fail too early. Your strict shoulder press will be 30% less than you push press. As such, taking small jumps in weight will ensure proper ramp-up and not failing too early.
– Metcon: Pacing is key today. KBS weight should be light. Try to go UB on sets and rest between transitions. You should start slow and look to keep you heart-rate consistent. This workout is very easy to redline early by going out too fast. You should start slower and augment you pace as the workout progresses/push you pace for the last 2 minutes.