Wednesday's WOD


1 - Close grip bench press - 1 rm

Take 6 to 8 sets to build to a max

2 - Warm up Power snatch for metcon

Metcon "Up the Wall" 11 min Amrap

3 Strict pull ups

10 Toes to bar

15 Power snatches 75/55

Extra Credit

Rolling tricep extensions 3 x 15

Training Intent

– Strength: Take 6-8 sets and progressively build to a 1RM CG Bench. Make sure you have someone to spot you. Close Grip bench press is great for bringing up the triceps which most people lack in strength. This applies to all overhead movements. Grip should be just inside of shoulders and elbows should stay tight to the body.
– Metcon: Snatches should be light for this one and capable of being done in two sets. This workout can be deceiving so if you choose a weight you can not cycle you’ll miss the boat on sustaining your intensity.