Tuesday's WOD


Pistol Practice

Scaling Options:

  • Post or band assisted

  • Box Pistol

  • Single Leg Movement ie. lunge

Metcon 30 min Cap

400m run

50 Kb swings 32/24

100 Double unders

400m run

50 Alternating pistols

75 Double unders

400m run

50 Oh walking lunge 45/25 Plate

50 Double unders

Extra Credit

Worlds Greatest Stretch

Training Intent

– Skill: Spend 10:00 working on pistols to prepare for metcon. We spent time practicing pistols last week so hopefully you have an idea of how to scale for the wod. If still unsure talk with the coach. Scaling for this workout should allow consistent work output.
– Metcon: This workout is intended to be a slow/aerobic workout today. With that said, none of the movements should bring you to a standstill making the need for proper scaling with double unders, pistols, and KB weight important. Make sure you watch your pace in the beginning. Starting off the first run to fast can make or break this workout.