Wednesday's WOD


Close grip chin ups 5 x 5

Use partner assistance for scaling option today. Control your decent.

Metcon 20 min Amrap

400m run

15 SDHP 24/16

15 Box jumps 24/20

Rx + Add 3/2 Muscle ups per round

Extra Credit

50-100 Press downs

Training Intent

– Strength: Chin-up 5 x 5. Complete 5 work sets with whatever scaling option matches your ability. All 5 sets should be challenging so make sure you choose an option that will work for your ability. Chin-ups are supinated grip and are more demanding on biceps and shoulders but easier than the tradition pronated grip pull-up.
– Metcon: This is a good opportunity to practice managing breathing/pacing. 400m run splits should remain consistent. Break other work however necessary. Set a goal to complete SDHP/Box Jumps in a certain amount of time or certain rep scheme. Most of the time in this workout will be spent on the run so this workout is more aerobic in nature.