Thursday WOD

Skill work not for time

3 rounds

5 Seated box jumps 30/20 - Pick a height you can actually do jumps not step ups.

30 Double unders - 30 skips, trying to jump higher than normal.

Sprint 50m - this should be a max effort.

For the box jumps try to minimize the time your feet are on the ground from the seated position to your actual jump. Try to make quick transitions from one exercise to the next. For the double unders if you don't think you can do them unbroken you should be doing singles for this part. The sprint should be a max effort, don't dog it you want to see results. Walk back and repeat, rest should be max 2 minutes between rounds.


Sugar Daddy 21-15-9

Deadlift 225/155 (185/135)

400m Run

You only run between rounds, starts with deadlifts and ends with deadlifts.