"Little Black Dress"


Front squat 5 x 5 from the floor

Performance Metcon - 21-15-9

Wallballs 20/14

Pull ups

Box Jumps 24/20

KB Swings 24/16

Rx plus = Chest to bar + 28/20 Kb (has to be both)

Fitness Metcon - 18-12-6

Wall ball 20/10 (9 feet)

Pull ups

Box jumps/step up

Kb swings 20/12

This is more of a sprint type wod despite the look of it. Challenge yourself to big or unbroken sets. If that still seams to daunting set smaller goals. Have you ever done 21 wall balls unbroken? What about pull ups or Kettle bell swings. Give your self a goal and that goal does not always have to be a time. Hit it hard and let me know how you did.