Friday FRAN off!

BUY IN / Warm up

15 min OTM

1 - 12/9 calories on rower

2 - Foam roll 30sec with arms over head, 30 seconds with arms across chest (hug yourself)

3 - 8 push ups

Metcon (8 min cap)


Thrusters 95/65


“Fran” is a workout like that crazy college friend you for some reason still keep in contact with: it makes you do things you really don’t usually do, or ever have done, or haven’t done in a long, long time. “Fran” is the workout of workouts. As sort of a CF veteran, having been around the sport now for 6 years (I know in the real timeline of CF that makes me not even close to an old schooler), I have seen WODs come and go in popularity. “Fran” has always been here, that measuring stick of fitness. The beauty is in it’s simplicity. 21-15-9. Thrusters and Pull-ups. Not heavy weight, no crazy high reps, no upside down or being shot out of a cannon. Some average skill, light weight, and really, really fast.

I relate this WOD to the old friend because when you do “Fran” you are supposed to, and often end up, doing things you never thought you could. The purpose of doing the workout is for you to push like you have never pushed before. This is not just another workout, a hump day special where you sort of take the pedal off the accelerator when things get ugly. This is punch the gas and give people you pass the middle finger, break the barriers that you give in to 99% of the time, and surprise yourself and everyone around you with your performance.

Fran done well is a 3-5 minute workout. This time try choosing a weight that will let you do the workout with good form in that time. Be warned, the difference between sub 5 and sub 3 in metabolic cost is enormous.
(usually intermidiate weights are 65-75# for men, and 35-45# for women)

I might recommending trying one of these other variations:
5 sets of 9 each exercise or
9 sets of 5 each exercise

Another very valid way of scaling this if you are able to lift 95/65#’s for a few reps but 21-15-9 seems daunting, would be to use the rx’d weight but scale the reps.

Thrusters, 95/65#
Pull ups

If you can manage this in 3-5 minutes with good form, the next time this comes up you might try:

thruster 95/65#
Pull ups

Get ready everybody, because Friday is the day you do “Fran”. It’s Fran Day.