Are you feeling lazy or just lacking motivation?

Its time to Re-Boot!

When is a Bootcamp not a Bootcamp?

When it’s done at CrossFit Insight

Barbells can be scary if you’ve never used them before. We do want you to use them eventually. But in the meantime, if it all seems too much, or if you want the metabolic effects of down-home CrossFit conditioning, Re-Boot is your class.

60 minutes, including a good warm-up, some mobility, and having your butt handed to you. It’s bootcamp with brains: you’ll learn a bit, sweat a lot, and go home on a cloud. You will use kettlebells, running, wallballs, calisthenics, boxes, and rings. Get done before dinner. We start at 6:15 sharp!

Monday, Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursdays and Fridays at 6:15pm. Running now

Choose between 9 classes per month, 12 classes per month or Unlimited classes per month.

Coach’s Warning: CrossFit style classes are highly addictive. Long-term attendance at our Re-Boot classes exposes exercisers to increased levels of awesomeness. Re-Boot classes are sometimes a ‘gateway drug’ for CrossFit classes and will impair long-term tolerance for elliptical trainers and cutting calories.

If you want to know more about Re-Boot or any other program we offer. Set up your free "No Sweat Intro" today and talk with one of our coaches about what you're looking for and how to get started!