Short on time? Shake it up!

Hey, Folks! Something super quick, here.

Are you constantly rushing to and fro, on the go, with not enough time to prep a healthy meal, let alone sit and eat it? Why not whip up a super-easy shake that you can take with you on the run? I’m going to tell you about my favourite shake, and I’ll admit it’s a rip-off of a popular juice bar’s shake. Super-easy, super-yummy, and super-nutritious.

Start with some frozen spinach; I use two nuggets (for those that have never used frozen spinach, some brands have their product formed into nuggets. Really easy for portioning). Add some frozen mango (about 70g), frozen pineapple (about 65g), some protein (unflavoured, from Infinit Nutrition), and for my healthy fats, I’m normally all about the ground flax seeds (1TB). When I’m not doing my Nutritional Challenge, I’ll toss in some unsweetened applesauce, too. Without the applesauce, I’m looking at about 260 calories, with plenty of that from fruits and veggies, I have a healthy dose of protein, and some good-for-me Omega 3’s. That’s not bad for a quick little throw-it-together snack that you can eat (drink) on the go.

You can totally change it up a bit. I made a shake the other day with Frozen mixed berries, frozen spinach, ground flax seeds and chocolate protein, and it was surprisingly yummy. Put whatever fruits and veggies in that float your boat, toss in some protein and a healthy fat (even some nuts or chia seeds), and you’re good to go! Remember, when picking what goes into your shake that frozen fruits and veg are just as good for you, as well as super-convenient. Try for nice, brightly coloured fruits and veggies, to get the most bang for your buck, nutrition-wise. Want something creamy? Toss in some plain Greek yogurt. Like a little more texture in your shake? A handful of hemp hearts would do the trick. Get in the kitchen and experiment with different flavour combos to find a fantastic go-to, and a few others to keep in rotation, so you don’t get too bored of the same-old, same-old. Get blending, and Enjoy!

Coach Bren