Don't Overestimate What Everyone Else is Doing

A mistake I think a lot of newer lifters make, thanks to their access to so many training videos of elite lifters without any context, is overestimating the average intensity of these lifters' training.

There are two basic factors that go into this: First, they lift big weights. That is, when you're watching someone throw around 200kg, it's easy to forget that 200kg may actually not be that heavy for him; it may be 70%. It's easy to forget when we see weights we can't lift or struggle to lift that they're not necessary heavy for someone else.

Second, lifters don't post videos of light training days - no one wants to show the world 60% lifts. This means we get an inaccurate picture of these lifters' training - all we ever see are relatively heavy lifts, so it's easy to assume these lifters are always training heavy. It's hard to remember that posted videos represent a small portion of their training.

Ultimately, you need to train in the way that's most effective for you, regardless of what anyone else is doing. Discover that by experimenting and working with coaches who are experienced with working with people similar to you - not by making assumptions based on elite lifters.

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