Is CrossFit Worth the Costs? Comparison

CrossFit has become a huge community filled with lifetime supporters, die hard Rx junkies, and strong mama’s, but is it really worth all the hype and more importantly is it worth the cost?


Average Cost of a CrossFit Membership

CrossFit is often compared to the traditional globo gym and personal training community, but how does it stack up against them in cost? The average gym costs roughly 30 – $70 per month. Not bad compared to the $125 of an average CrossFit monthly membership. But let’s look a little closer, there must be a reason so many people are willing to pay the extra change for a CrossFit membership.

Lets also note that for personal training at a traditional gym you are looking at roughly $40-$70 per session with the trainer.


The Perks of a CrossFit Gym

Lets break it down. The traditional gym has roughly 300-100 members depending on the size and location. Their are roughly 3-4 trainers or staff members working at a time. These trainers and staff members are not obligated to watch you, teach you, or make you better. They’re pretty much a waiter answering your requests and on rare occasions working with members one-on-one for extra money and personal training.

How can you get better, and improve your fitness? It’s up to you. You will have to program, and plan your workouts for yourself and hope for the best. Hope for the best? That’s no way to treat your body and your health. For someone who has no knowledge of how to program a workout, or what to do to improve their fitness, this is where the dollar stops. Your gym membership and $60 bucks a month are paying for rent, and your floating around without attention and without improving yourself.


Could your dollar be spent better? Yes!

The average CrossFit gym is $120 a month with multiple class options throughout the day. Classes last 1 hour. That means your in and out in 1 hour. Trust me, it’s enough time to get a lot done! A CrossFit gym typically holds classes ranging from groups of 7-10 or less. In each class there are 1-2 CrossFit coaches watching, observing, and teaching you the correct techniques for each movement in the workout. They know to watch for dangerous and injury causing movements like: Your knees coming in while jumping, dangerous rounded back, and more. You will get attention, and you actually feel like you are learning how to workout. Your time is not wasted, you will receive attention from knowledgeable coaches, and its all included in your membership!

What Type of Environment Are You Paying For?

This is one of the biggest differences in the traditional gym vs. a CrossFit gym. Huge name brand gyms might have fancy locker rooms, showers, and smoothie bars, but CrossFit has something money can’t buy. Community. The CrossFit community is something talked about in almost every “Why should I join CrossFit?
article, video, and commercial. This ” Community” consists of CrossFit beginners, professional athletes, soccer moms, pregnant ladies, teens, kids, professionals, doctors, chiropractors, grandparents, parents, and more! Each class consists of a group of members after the same goal, improving their own fitness. They are friendly, welcoming, and genuinely cheering you on. It is not uncommon to see partner workouts weekly! Sounds fun doesn’t it?

The Bottom Line: CrossFit is more expensive than the traditional gym, but its worth it!

Complements of Natasha Hawkins

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