Why I love to hate the OPEN

Ahhh, The Open...now that it's over, let's discuss, shall we?

The Open is a Great Motivator. As in, we saw so many firsts this year. We saw several athletes get

their first chest to bars, first weighted overhead squats, first pull ups, first muscle ups, first

handstand push ups...I'm pretty sure we even saw a couple of first full depth squats. And these are

all things that may never have come out, at least not any time soon, had it not been for The Open.

There's something so encouraging about being in a group of people, all doing the same WOD, with

the knowledge that it's only 5 weeks. 5 weeks to push yourself harder than during a regular WOD,

5 weeks to see what limits you can push yourself to, 5 weeks to see how you stack up against over

a quarter of a million people around the world.

For those of us that have participated in The Open in the past, it was a fantastic way to gauge our

progress. The Open highlights not only where we're getting better, but, also, where we need more

work. It tells us if we need to work harder at getting our endurance up, or if we need to get in the

Box and work on getting stronger, to balance out our cardio. Just as importantly, for the

newcomers, it will be a record for next year, to see how much their hard work through the next 11

months has paid off.

Now that The Open is over, it's so nice to get back to “regular” programming. Or even, dare I say

it, take a rest week! It's awesome to have that push during those 5 weeks, but, it's also nice to get

back to going hard in the Box, and not having to worry that today's WOD will affect your

performance in The Open.

I encourage everyone, start training now for the 2016 Open! It'll give you a reason to get into the

gym, even if you really kinda don't want to. In the week leading up to The Open, I went from

averaging 7 WODs a MONTH, to getting a WOD in 16 times each month! It'll give you a reason

to start practicing those movements that have you stumped at the moment. You can bet, next year

I'll for sure have my ring dips and muscle ups. It'll also give you a good reason to get more

proficient at lifting, and comfortable with heavier lifts. Lord knows, you don't want to get caught

unable to make a lift in The Open by, maybe, only 10lbs.

Be brave. Be bold. Be Open. See what I did there? Lol. What do you have to lose? More

importantly, what do you have to gain? I think, a lot...