5 reasons NOT to do CrossFit

So, you've heard of CrossFit. And you're thinking “Meh; that doesn't sound like anything I want a part of”. It's all just TOO MUCH. Too much work, too much effort, just too much...And what's with the people that do CrossFit, anyways? They sound like they're part of a cult or something. Sure, maybe a healthy, fit, happy cult, but still! Who wants a part of that? Always talking about AMRAP this, and toes to bar that, and who the hell is this Fran chick, anyways. Well, stay tuned, friend, for some simple reasons to NOT do CrossFit.

1. You don't want to see progress at the gym. CrossFit works. Simple as that. You want to keep your couch-potato physique? Don't CrossFit. You don't want your cardio and stamina to improve? Don't CrossFit. You want to continue to have trouble opening that pickle jar? Then, for the love of all that is holy, stay far, far away from your local CrossFit box.

2. You hate having a group of people to help motivate/inspire you. I know, I know. Having people honestly, genuinely CARE about you and your health can be so, so grating! Having people cheer you on during a work-out? Who wants that? Being around a bunch of people that share your goals in fitness and health, and actually TALK about how to achieve those goals can't be worthwhile at all, can it? Seeing the progress that others in the box have made can't possibly be added motivation.

3. You already know all the technique involved in lifting, so you don't need coaching. I mean, everyone  knows how to clean and jerk, right? And squatting is for babies (no, literally; watch a baby squat; you'll learn something!). And no one wants to be told what to do “Put your elbows up; catch with your knees bent; open your hip before you pull”. Pfft...those trainers probably just want to listen to themselves talk. It can't be that they actually WANT you to succeed, right?

4. You enjoy making up your own programming, and keeping it varied enough to be interesting. Cause going to the Globo gym with your “Back and Bi's” and your “Chest and Tri's” days of the week didn't get old after the first couple of months. Wouldn't be any fun at all, coming in to do some fresh new workout everyday, and one that would kick your ass, from head to toe. Nope. Let's stick to our two body parts a day. And don't forget your 45 minutes with Sir Elliptical!

5. You just plain don't like having fun. Cause NO body likes fun. And CrossFitters are all about fun. We like fun-coloured socks and shoes. We like fun warm ups (Roxanne, anyone?). We high-five, and we hoot and holler. We drop weights after we lift them sky-high. We have fun nick-names for our friends at the box. We have fun building a strong community. And none of that sounds like a good time to someone that doesn't like fun...

So, folks, you stick to your guns. Don't drink the Kool-Aid. For the love of Rich Froning, stay away from the neon compression socks! CrossFit is a life-altering experience, and not for the faint of heart. It's where people come to get better than they were yesterday. But I'm sure, you were just fine back then, no improvement needed, right? Thought so...

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