Step 1 - Getting started

A No-Sweat Intro is a simple, 15-minute consultation during which you’ll get to meet one of our coaches and we will show you around our facility. We will discuss your goals and how we can help you meet them. No high-pressure sales…just a friendly meeting to see how we can help!

Please fill out the form below and we will get in touch very soon to schedule a time for you to come in at your convenience.


Step 2 - Couch to CrossFit (OnRamp)

  If you’re brand new to CrossFit or you’re trying to get back into it after some time off, we recommend (and will sometimes require) going through our foundations program, Couch-to-CrossFit. This program is designed to introduce proper form, build a foundation of strength and endurance, and help you to get comfortable with the CrossFit-style work outs. You can expect a welcoming and motivating environment, where like-minded people are working toward the same goal: overall health and fitness.

Here's how it works

For your first 8 sessions at Insight, you will work with our extremely knowledgeable coaches to learn the functional movements we use in CrossFit, as well as begin working in some basic WODs (workout of the day). Not only is this a great learning experience, but you’ll get an awesome workout in at the same time!

After 8 sessions, we are confident you will be able to transition into our standard CrossFit. If you are not as confident to jump into the regular classes as we would like you to be, there are some other options we can discuss at that time. But if you want the change that brought you to us in the first place, quitting is not one of those options. It's time to change and we're here to help you.


Step 3 - I'm ready for CrossFit

Whether you've finished our OnRamp, are coming to us from another CrossFit or think you should be exempt from the beginner program, you will need to schedule a time to talk with a coach to see if this option is right for all parties involved.